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Higher School of Medical Osséopraxie



Duration of training and prices:

8 courses of 2 days.

Cost of training: 8000 fr

Registration and prerequisites:

  • Have validated 5500h of medical studies (doctors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, practitioners with serious medical training and several years of practice (file to be submitted).

  • Complete the registration form which will be submitted for approval.


  • Reminder of neuro-vegetative functional medical material.

  • Study of neuro-vegetative pathways.

  • Applications of therapeutic protocols in pairs.

Final diploma :

After deliberation by the Board of Directors of ESOM and the jury certifying that the interested party has satisfied the knowledge test provided for by the regulatory texts (examination), the post-graduate diploma of Osséopraxie® will be awarded.



Continuing education:

1 annual review and practice weekend will allow graduates to improve their skills and keep up to date.


The learned school:

It aims to bring together anyone with a diploma in osseopraxy, orthopedic and neuro-functional medicine, with the aim of developing on scientific bases, research, discovery and the implementation of therapeutic protocol for all work aimed at improving health. and chronic pathologies.

This work will be adopted by the scientific studies committee, after study and acceptance.

"  A hand that recognizes the wrong of the righteous,

A good knowledge of anatomy,

A methodical medical intellect,

A mind that perceives the imperceptible,

A spirit in harmony with ... "

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